Candy Crush Saga Passing Levels, Lives, Boosters, Cheat Tool

Hey puzzle masters! You can now have unlimited lives, unlimited moves, boosters and all...for free! The Candy Crush Saga Cheats Tool requires no jailbreak or root access. From this day on, your "lives" will be free...


For Unlimited Lives and Boosters. Set your Moves. Pass or skip a level at any score you want and 3 stars. Jump to any level. Levels on mobile devices are always synchronized with Facebook account. Fix loading game issues on browsers. You need to download this tool for free. Is working on Windows, MAC, iOS and Android. 
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CandyCrushSaga Tool (Cheat 2014 January 02)
Please note: sometimes due to the huge number of downloads you need to complete a short survey in order to download. If you want to skip this verification process you can try again in a few hours or try other mirror. However if you think it's not worth, i can send you the file in 12-72 hours, just write me a message or ask me on YahooMessenger THEJONKENS@YAHOO.COM
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You don't need to download anything else like jailbreak your phone, root access or set allow unknown application on Android. Read 3 step intructions inside archive.
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Some other Tips and Advices
Time Traveling (Free Lives don't need Cheat tool for), by changing your clock settings, If you're on an iPhone, just go into "Settings," then "General," scroll down and click "Date & Time." Make sure "Set Automatically" is turned off and change the time 3 hours in the future. Open Candy Crush, your lives are full, now go back to Settings and set your correct time. Now start playing, you can repeat forever, don't spend your money anymore for lives. On some devices after you set time to the real time you must wait and your lives are changed back to none. For this TimeMachine failure, check how many minutes until you get 1st live, now move your clock ahead at least 3 hours + the numbers of minutes you have to wait. For Android devices go "Settings" then "Date & Time" uncheck "Automatic Date & Time" and set your clock. I say 3 hours for not bothering to much your calendar, alarms, etc No more lives No More !

Fix browser playing errors: the easiest way is to download Google Chrome browser, you will always be able to play without errors. If you are on Firefox go to Tools - AddOns - Modules click UpdateNow on Flash, restart browser it works now. For IExplorer go to and download flash player. If your problems persist restart your devices then repeat.

For playing Candy Crush on Windows XP / 7 / 8 or MAC OS without browsers and Facebook you need to install Bluestacks emulator from then Candy Crush you will play like on tablet or phone. Don't need Internet or Facebook.

Hard Level tips:
Level 33, 70, 79, 97, 125, 147, 165, 252, 410 are just a few of levels considered hard. You need to create special candies to hit multiple boxes of jelly at the same time. The striped candies are most effective on all levels but on hard levels you really have to build and use them, because they clear entire rows both horizontally and vertically. The wrapped candy is not as helpful, because it will only explode in the box that you swipe it in. But it is useful to combine these two special candies together – the striped and the wrapped candy.
Take your time, Preserves your moves, you only need to hurry on timed levels.
Play from bottom, Don't use suggestion, only if you don't find another move. Usually yours are better.
Striped candy, the stripes either go vertically or horizontally on the candy, look closer.
Sprinkle candy with a striped candy are the best moves on tables; most of time best than 2 sprinkle combined. Try this combination as more as you can. 
Combination in their order from weakest to best: 2 striped; 1 stripe 1 wrapped; 1 sprinkle 1 wrapped; 2 wrapped; 2 sprinkle; 1 sprinkle 1 striped.
Anyway this order maintain as long as you use full possible power of every combination. On some levels this order is changed.
Don't waste your candy or combination until you have best shot.
Keep your calm, act like a Pro.
"Last of all, you need to read your horoscope because 50% is luck."

Have Fun.
If you need any other information leave me a message or send me an email.